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What to Look for in An Electric Skateboard

What to Look for in An Electric Skateboard

best electric skateboardSkateboards are something probably every teenager wishes to have at one point or another, but the fantasy is left behind once we move on, whether to college, work or elsewhere in life. Electric skateboards, however, are bringing it back for adults. They work by intuition; if you want to turn left, simply shift your weight to that side; if you want to speed up or down, adjust the wheel. And they have brakes too; a lifesaving feature. They can be linked to apps so you can see things like how far you’ve travelled using your phone. Here are some things you should look out for before purchase.

The Price Point

Needless to say, nothing good comes cheap in the case of electronic devices. Higher end electric skateboards are made of better and more durable parts and compiled by professionals so you can get your money’s worth for a long time to come. You can read about it on the best electric skateboards reviews .

The Battery

Electric devices mean you have to rely on a battery to take you long distances. Making sure there’s enough battery life to last you expected travel distances like to the store from your house, or even the distance to work, is crucial.

Spare Parts

Buying an electric skateboard only to find out you cannot get spare parts where you live is nothing short of a tragedy. Because this is an electric device, parts malfunctioning are to be expected, in which case you will need to get them changed of course. Make sure the model you purchase is easily and widely available where you are, or can be shipped easily, and has a long warranty.

best electric skateboardsMotors

While some offer a single motor, some offer two. It comes down to what you want in your skateboard. Two motors make it more efficient and give you that effortless skate with an increased grip. With one motor there is less power, but it gets the job done. After all, the two-motored devices are fairly new, and older ones have run fine on a single motor so far.

Remote Control

How you choose to control your skateboard is very important to how smoothly you can run it on the streets. The thumb control or index finger control is alright, but the trigger control is what lets you really make the ride easy and swift because it is easier to manage and master.

Water Resistance

Electronic skateboards are expensive as it is, and just like all other electronic devices, they do not usually function well once they’ve come into contact with water. A lot of electric skateboards do not come with these features and buyers only find out later to their dismay after an encounter with puddles. Make sure to buy carefully and invest in a waterproof electric skateboard if you live in a city where it rains often.


Although electric skateboards are not legal everywhere as of yet, the day is not far when they will be. No one has to sweat to work on a bicycle anymore, it’s very commute friendly, and it does not expel any harmful gases. It does not get any better than this.





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